Welcome by President Rainer

Dear fellow Rotarians,

Thank you to those who were joining our club installation and impressive District Installation for the new Rotary Year 2016-17

First of all I like to thank IPP Renee for another great Rotary year as president in our long Club History. She can now relax and enjoy life as IPP. This new Rotary year has the motto Rotary Serving Humanity ! Our RI President John F. Germ has launched this theme for his year at the top of RI.

Service to Humanity has been a cornerstone of Rotary since its earliest days, and has been its main purpose ever since. Paul Harris could hardly have imagined then in 1905 that one day, more than 1.2 million Rotarians around the world would be combining their efforts and resources to serve humanity together. No other organization so effectively brings together committed, capable professionals in a wide variety of fields, and enables them to achieve ambitious goals. Through Rotary, we have the capacity, the network, and the knowledge to change the world in many ways. Eradicate Polio is only one example.

In order to further develop Rotary in our local club level we should follow the vision of RI President. I have identified 4 areas of focus in our new year to strengthen our friendship and club activities.

  1. As usual and requested by RI: increase membership. We have already identified potential new members and will induct the first one very soon.
  2. Support our signature Projects for children and elderly in need:
    1. Vision Screening Trip and providing spectacles again in remote villages in South-West China,- and perhaps another one in Myanmar early next year
    2. THE HUB, in Sham Shui Po, and as a Global Grant Project a first HUB in Yangon, Myanmar, together with support of RC Taipei-North, RC Hamburg – Norderstedt, and RC of Yangon
    3. I like to highlight already now the HUB Charity Gala at Grand Hyatt on 28th October this year
    4. Our support of the Food Angles here in Hong Kongwill also be continued
  3. In my many meetings recently with our Area 7 Clubs, we are planning some joint club activities, joint club meetings and fellowship events, as there are:
    Octoberfest, Beach Cleaning, Visit of the Kadoori Farm and a Spanish Evening.
  4. As we have already experienced in the past, I like to launch our club fellowship events: “The Hong Kong Rotary Bowling Masters Series” which will start in September. This under the guidance and advise of our good friend, Bill Hoffmann, who is the coach of the Hong Kong Bowling team and a past Bowling World Champion himself. Maybe the winner could even qualify for the Word Championships in Las Vegas.

With the support of our team of Past Presidents and members we should have another good year in our long club history. Thank you all.
Yours in Rotary

Rainer Jungjohann-Ott
President 2016-17
District 3450 Assistant Governor 2016-17