Dear Fellow-Rotarians, Visitors & Friends,

as President 2013-2014 I welcome you on your website. Being a Rotarian since 2001 in Hamburg, Germany and living in Hong Kong since early 2011 I found my new Rotary home in this wonderful club. I attended club meetings frequently as a visitor for almost 8 years and was invited to join 2 years ago.

Today I feel honoured and privileged to serve this club as President during this new Rotary Year. A very special year, as it marks the 50th anniversary of this club in June 2014.

Past President Istvan wished me a very busy year and I am sure it will be, for all of us. The 50th anniversary is a milestone and a special reason for celebrations.

I am enthusiastic in serving our club, our various projects and people in need. The Rotary theme of RI-President Ron D. Burton: Engage Rotary, Change Lives is a call to all of us and to live up to it.

With several club-activities and fellowship-events ahead I look forward to seeing you all in the coming days and weeks.

Yours in Rotary

Rainer Jungjohann-Ott

President 2013-14